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The labor market suggests a recession could be coming soon Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions. There is, however, a general belief that there are four big indicators that the committee weighs heavily in their cycle identification process. Louis Fed The weight of these four in the decision process is sufficient rationale for the St. He says, and I quote “When you look at those four measures, they are rolling over. See the last 30 seconds of the interview for comments on downward revisions. Are these indicators really rolling over? First, here are the four as identified in the Federal Reserve Economic Data repository.

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The labor market suggests a recession could be coming soon Note from dshort: Official recession calls are the responsibility of the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee, which is understandably vague about the specific indicators on which they base their decisions. This committee statement is about as close as they get to identifying their method. There is, however, a general belief that there are four big indicators that the committee weighs heavily in their cycle identification process.

As the adjacent thumbnail illustrates, final months of saw some income pulled forward as a tax-management strategy, which accounts for the atypical peak and subsequent trough in this series.

S&P Snapshot: Down % from Last Friday. by Jill Mislinski, 11/16/ The S&P was down three out of five days this week, closing Friday up % from Thursday. The index is down % from last Friday and has seen declines each of the last Fridays, week over week.

It is my contention that this data is misleading and totally meaningless. It dates to in most cases but some data only goes to All data is billion barrels of reserves. The EIA said we had 1, billion barrels of proved reserves in Other agencies put that figure a bit higher but we will go with this. And just where are these reserves located? This is the proven reserves claimed by Canada and Venezuela.

What does that mean? As you can see Middle East proved reserves always increase, they never decrease no matter how much oil is pumped from those reserves every year.

The State Of The 4 Official Recession Indicators

See pages for the full article. Learning objectives of the article include: Know the basics of NFPA Standard for the […] Six Steps for Planning Low-Voltage Systems August 7th, With advanced technology being utilized in every corner of the hospital, early planning and end-user input continues to gain importance with regard to its integration during construction.

Due to its complexity and the interdependence of dozens of systems and components, technology integration requires a thoughtfully developed and carefully executed strategy.

Jun 27,  · Many market participants are debating whether or not a double dip recession will occur within the next quarters. As we are writing our report, ECRI Weekly LEI fell quickly to points from in April. This indicator did a good job leading U.S. Real GDP Y/Y by 6 months over the last two.

At the time, the Fund promised to better detect fraud and corruption affecting its grants programs. We later posted about how after an internal debate, the Fund promised to make more information public about any losses to fraud and corruption. MSFT founder Bill Gates found that money intended for people with life-threatening illnesses was used for home renovations in India and diverted to a person linked with money laundering and so-called blood diamonds in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, money was siphoned to a person arrested in for money-laundering and smuggling diamonds that are mined and sold to support war. This amount was in addition to previous amounts disclosed before: Whether similar amounts of corruption affected the other six sevenths of grants is unclear. The Freeze on Grants This week, several reports that the Fund would stop funding new grants appeared in the media. It will not make new grants until , The reason for this freeze on grant making was, The fund faces ‘accelerating deterioration’ in its finances for the next three years because of economic distress in donor nations, combined with corruption in some of the poor countries it helps, A NY Times article implied that one reason for the financial shortfall was that some donor nations withheld money due to their concerns about corruption: Several countries, including Djibouti, Mali, Mauritania and Zambia, lost their grants or had new safeguards put in place after officials were accused of stealing.

There have been reports of friction between Dr.

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And Boyer ought say sorry to his readers. If he had the open mind he talks about, he might have bothered to read the skeptical sites before he wrote an article. Keeping an open mind in climate of blunt denial Peter Boyer Asked in what he would do if he found he was wrong about climate change, [Myron] Ebell said he would say sorry and try to undo policies he had supported. Since then we have had the two warmest years on record, with all but certain to be the third in a row.

Existing research has theoretically modeled conditional correlations between the long-term interest rates as a function of macroeconomic variable. In line with it, the purpose of.

But it is the EPS where the difference truly shines: The flipside, or misses? We may be closer to a major market top than most investors think. That at least is the conclusion that emerged when I compared the current market environment to what prevailed at major market tops of the past century. Interestingly, the stock market recently has produced a return that is quite similar to this average month gain prior to market tops: The margin between the average value and average growth stock over those 12 months is nearly double that historical average; the same is true for the margin of the average small-cap over the typical large-cap.

Ominously, recent experience adheres to this pattern. The value-over-growth margin over the past 12 months has actually been nearly triple the historical average Fama and French define value as riskier than growth.

UH-OH: The Official Economic Indicators Are Showing Early Signs Of Contraction

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Yet just last year, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) The starting point of the self help perspective, (dating back to But you can support Politics and Insights, and help me to continue researching, analysing and writing independently.

The average reading of the headline PMI through as a whole The rate of expansion registered for the final quarter of was the best since Q2 Global manufacturing production expanded for the fourteenth straight month in December. New export orders rose for the sixth month running. Output growth was again led by the G7 developed nations in December, as robust expansions in the US, Japan, Germany, the UK which registered the highest Output PMI reading of all countries and Italy offset the ongoing contraction in France and a sharp growth slowdown in Canada.

Taiwan was a brighter spot, with output growth hitting a month high. December PMI data signalled an increase in global manufacturing employment for the sixth consecutive month. Although the rate of jobs growth was again only moderate, it was nonetheless the fastest for almost two-and-a-half years. Input price inflation accelerated to a month peak in December, and was slightly above the survey average. Part of the increase in costs was passed on to clients, reflected in the pace of output price inflation reaching a near two-and-a-half year peak.

Construction Spending Advances Further The value of construction put-in-place gained 1. The September increase of 1.


Consensus and Other Views It’s now time of year to look ahead to global macro prospects for I have posted similar outlooks for the past two years here and here and followed up at the end of each year with an assessment of those forecasts here and here. I will state again why I find this exercise useful.

contains information beyond that of the spread comprehensive recession dating provided by the only for horizons of less than two quarters. Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI).

The world’s leading financial innovations company. A Time for Bargain Hunting? April 7, By Jeff Miller 1 Comment As the market averages reach new highs, there is a sharp divergence in advice. How should you react to new market highs and first-quarter trends in various sectors? Should you reduce exposure, expecting a sharp correction?

Or should you shop for bargains among sectors and stocks that have lagged in performance?


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May 31,  · ECRI Weekly Leading Index rises moderately sharply strongly suggesting that an end to the U.S. recession is now in clear sight.

Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic right wing system of government and social organisation, though not all authoritarian governments are fascist. However, the two terms are quite often used interchangeably. Censorship is very common. However, unlike the United States, Britain has no constitutional guarantee of press freedom. The right to freedom of expression is fundamental to a functioning democracy — information and ideas help to inform political debate and are essential to public accountability and transparency in government.

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UH-OH: The Official Economic Indicators Are Showing Early Signs Of Contraction

S recession and couples this with U. S stock market asset allocation and market-timing models. We also offer a host of robust market timing models for investors and traders alike that are updated in real-time on our CHARTS menu. Recent samples can be downloaded below no obligation, no emails required.

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Get your facts straight, apply them to the current valuation of the market, take decisive action, and then hold on for dear life as the mob hopefully comes to the same conclusion a little way down the road. Bill refers to several “demarcation points” inflection points? If one had any doubts, a quick, even cursory summary of President Obama’s comments announcing Chrysler’s bankruptcy filing would suffice. I stand with millions of Americans who want to buy Chrysler cars sic.

I do not stand with a group of investment firms and hedge funds who decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout. Sumter marked the beginning of the war against the Union, then clearly these words marked the beginning of a war against publically perceived financial terror. The term “financial terror” certainly captures precisely how a lot of people feel about what has happened on Wall Street.

He refers to government involvement as a redistribution of wealth and tells us that it will inevitably lead to slower growth: First comes the haircutting and burden sharing, most recently evidenced by Chrysler and soon to be played out via the stress testing and equity dilution of government ownership of ailing banks. In those footsteps, however, will follow a slower rate of economic growth, not just in the U. He once again reminds us of risk:

Evaluating Recession Forecasts: What Every Investor Must Know

For many older Americans, retirement is not a financially viable option; many are going back into the work force. The trend is evident in the number of older workers, people 55 and above. Their numbers rose to

P.S.: Appropos of my latest critique of ECRI’s recession call the other day, the YoY% change in employment growth increased to a 4 month high. For the moment, this means that 3 of the 4 coincident indicators used to signal expansion vs. recession are not just growing, but growing at an increasing rate.

Private consumption “remains generally weak amid the worsening employment and income situation. Sentiment among large manufacturers rose to The tertiary index, a measure of service demand, advanced 0. Another central bank decision on Thursday came from the Swiss National Bank, which also announced that it was leaving interest rates unchanged. The Swiss central bank left its key interest rate near zero and signaled it will continue to counter an appreciation of the franc to ward off deflation as the economy shows signs of recovery.

While the SNB boosted its economic and inflation forecasts, it will also keep buying corporate bonds if necessary to ease credit conditions. Elsewhere in Europe, there were mixed economic data.

The fading economy and America’s superpower status

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